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In pets we trust

Considering a trust for your pet

What will happen to my pets when I die, or when I can no longer take care of them?  That is a question faced by millions of people every year.

About a hundred and ninety six (196) million people in America have pets, and about a hundred and eighty (180) million of them consider their pets a member of their family.

For many people, their pet is their only family, and they fret considerably about what will happen to their beloved animal companion when they die.  Other pet lovers think they will always be around to take care of their pets, but unfortunately, that is often not the case.

Many people, especially the elderly, find that they may need to enter a nursing home or assisted living facility as a result of injury or illness.  Most of those sorts of facilities will not allow pets.

Therefore, if a person dies or becomes incapacitated without making arrangements for the ongoing care of his or her pet, the future of that pet is likely to be dim and grim. Continue reading