Cheap Divorce Lawyers – There ain’t none

There are no cheap divorce lawyers, because all attorneys are expensive

If you are looking for a cheap divorce attorney to do your divorce for you, you will not find one.

The hard reality is that all lawyers are expensive. Almost all lawyers charge at least $100.00 per hour. Most charge much more.

You might find a free divorce lawyer, if you are really poor. You might also find affordable divorce lawyers that offer unbundled legal services. These lawyers will help you do your divorce, but they won’t do it for you.

Free Divorce Lawyers

There are legal aid organizations that offer free legal services for the really poor, for victims of domestic violence, veterans, and other special groups.

If you belong to one of these unique groups of people, reach out to people that serve you. They can then let you know if they can help you get a free divorce attorney.

Law schools often have legal clinics that provide assistance with civil cases. They also usually serve a limited number of people that meet specific criteria. Here is an example from the University of Wyoming College of Law Family and Child Advocacy Clinic.

Affordable Divorce Lawyers

A growing number of attorneys and law firms offer limited scope representation. Sometimes these are also called unbundled legal services.

The basic idea is that these lawyers will do certain parts of the divorce for you, but you do the rest. For instance, the lawyer drafts the divorce complaint for you, but you make the copies, and you take the documents down to the courthouse for filing.

You and your spouse can then negotiate the terms of your property division, and the lawyer will draft the Divorce Decree.

Unbundled legal services can provide you with an affordable divorce lawyer, because the lawyer only does some of the work. You and your spouse do the rest. However, you still have the advice of an attorney, and that attorney can help make sure that everything is legal, and you did not overlook anything important.

Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Most people looking for cheap divorce lawyers are really looking for a cheap divorce. However, the cost of a divorce is driven by the parties. The more you have and the more you fight, the more your divorce will cost.

Even if you hire an attorney with a low hourly rate, your divorce will be expensive if you and your spouse fight over everything.

The cheapest divorce lawyer will often be an experienced divorce attorney with a high hourly rate. However, this attorney will work with you and the other side to find common ground and reasonable compromises to get you divorced quickly, without fighting over little things.

By Steve Harton

Steve is a practicing attorney in Rock Springs, Wyoming. If you would like to hire a Wyoming lawyer offering unbundled legal services, please give him a call, at 307-382-5545.